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spmxB2S62 LIPO 7.4V 6200MAH 2S 120C SMART, 1 st.
spmxB2S62 LIPO 7.4V 6200MAH 2S 120C SMART, 1 st. spmxB2S62 LIPO 7.4V 6200MAH 2S 120C SMART, 1 st.

spmxB2S62 LIPO 7.4V 6200MAH 2S 120C SMART, 1 st.

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Spektrum 7.4V 6200mAh 2S 100C Smart G2 Hardcase LiPo Battery: IC5 SPMXB2S62

Spektrum™ proudly introduces our line of Smart Technology LiPo batteries with specially developed Graphene LiPo High Discharge chemistry, designed to deliver consistently higher voltage throughout the life of the battery, even under the most extreme amp loads.

For RC bashers, maximum capacity and performance are crucial, and the new Spektrum Smart Pro Basher series batteries deliver this! The Pro Series batteries provide higher LiPo cell capacity compared to similarly sized standard battery packs. The Pro Basher series features a redesigned hard case shell that is thinner and lighter while remaining stiff, durable and impact resistant. This series will coexist alongside the current Smart G1 and G2 batteries and is an upgrade from standard hard case surface packs.

The benefits of Smart Pro batteries include longer battery life, better performance throughout the battery life, and peace of mind knowing your smart batteries are maintenance-free.

When a Smart Pro Series battery is connected to a Spektrum smart charger, the unique charging parameters and status information are uploaded to the charger from the integrated micro-memory chip. From the charger you can view and set settings such as: B. Charging rates, so all you have to do is connect the pack to your smart charger and the process is done automatically by the smart technology.

Spektrum Smart Pro Series Surface batteries provide a variety of important information, including:

  • Battery type
  • Battery capacity
  • BatteryC rate
  • Single cell voltage
  • Battery temperature
  • Charge/discharge cycles
  • Easier and safer to use
  • Powerful and consistent discharge rate of 120C
  • Leading graphene LiPo chemistry
  • Standard size
  • Powerful charging speed of max. 5C (5 x 6200 mHa)
  • Charging with a smart charger from Spektrum without a balance board
  • New hard case design features thinner walls, allowing higher capacity through larger cells while providing excellent battery protection.

Technical data:

  • Number of cells: 2
  • Voltage: 7.4 volts
  • Length: L138mm
  • Width: W48mm
  • Height: H26.0mm
  • Discharge: 120C
  • Plug: IC5 EC5 compatible
  • Weight: 360 gr.
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